1579 Monroe Drive F195 Atlanta GA 30324 info@enlightenedcollective.com

Why We Exist

We believe that traditional religious & learning institutions who insist on holding onto outdated and confined beliefs limit and restrict personal growth and spiritual development . We exist to provide a safe space of community and support that offers the freedom to explore, expand, and experience personal growth and spiritual enlightenment. 

The essence of the Enlightened Collective is our emphasis on evolution and unity through three areas of enlightenment.

Moral Enlightenment Evolution of self-awareness and unity within oneself.

Ethical Enlightenment: Evolution of social awareness and unity with others and the environment as oneself.

Spiritual Enlightenment:  Evolution of spiritual awareness and unity with one’s Higher Self or Higher Power.


The Vision we work as a collective towards:

All our initiatives and programs are designed to help us achieve our vision of seeing Individuals transformed into leaders who live the fullest and most authentic expression of who they understand themselves to be and who are equipped to empower  others to do the same.


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