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Who We Are?

The Enlightened Collective is a network of individuals working together to raise the level of consciousness among the planet. Our collective supports a wide range of efforts and initiatives that aim to facilitate personal enlightenment

The essence of the Enlightened Collective is our emphasis on “awareness”. We see our cause as defined by enhancing one’s awareness in the three areas of Enlightenment.

Moral Enlightenment Enhancement of one’s self-awareness and unity within oneself that leads to strength of character or personality.

Ethical Enlightenment: Enhancement of one’s social awareness and unity with others that lead to an enhanced demonstration of social justice and social duty.

Spiritual Enlightenment:  Enhancement of one’s of spiritual awareness and unity with one’s Higher Self or Higher Power that leads to personal revelations of Higher Values and Truths that drive one’s overall purpose and meaning of life. 


Click Here To Read More About Our Facilitators and Their Work:

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