1083 Austin Ave NE Atlanta GA 30307 info@enlightenedcollective.com (725) 333-4836

Who We Are:

The Enlightened Collective Inc. is a personal growth and spiritual development nonprofit ministry.

We provide and promote education, community, and one on one support for individuals seeking personal growth and spiritual development.

Why We Exist?

The Enlightened Collective Inc (The E. Collective) believes that the unhappiness and misery present in the world stem from individuals not knowing how to live in alignment with their personal truths, as well as from a lack of alignment with the universal laws of nature and God. We believe, and have experienced, that the world becomes a better place when individuals live in harmony with their personal truths and with the divine laws of nature and God.


We aim to teach and educate individuals on how to listen to and discern their own divine inner guidance for their day-to-day choices and decisions. Our goal is to empower them to act upon this guidance, enabling them to live in alignment with the truth of their personal being, as well as with the universal laws of nature and divinity.

Legacy Vision:

We aspire to witness the minds and hearts of individuals becoming enlightened with the truth of their divine design and unique cosmic purpose, enabling them to make enlightened personal choices. These choices, in turn, propel the world forward towards a brighter and more perfect future.

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