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Supporting Addam’s Work

Our Visionary Leader

As the Enlightened Collective’s Inc Visionary Leader, Adam has played a major role in shaping the Collective’s overall operating mission and vision.

He specializes in creating faith development programs and workshops that are relevant, transcendent and refreshingly innovative.

A Talented Professional

His special talent of knowing how to create the spaces that facilitates empowerment, wholeness, reconciliation, inspired action, and personal conviction in others make him a truly unique and special asset to not only the Enlightened Collective but the whole world at this time.

A real force with your support

By developing a team of financial sustainers to meet the salary requirements to support Adam,  it frees his time and energy to be more devoted to the overall leadership and mission of the Enlightened Collective.

We are currently seeking to develop a special team offinancial sustainers committing for a year of giving a monthly amount towards his initial salary ranging from $10, $15 $25 $55 or higher as a way to get him started full time towards expanding his efforts and work with the Collective.

An Invitation to Release Abundance 

Will you consider being one part of this special fellowship of 55??

Would you be willing to refer someone you know who would love to partner with Adam as an extension to their own sacred work of awakening others.

Click here to see a full list of some of the major works and projects Adam’s will be aiming to launch and lead over the next year.

To Become A Monthly Sustainer of Adam’s Life-Changing Work Use The Link Below.

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