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Psychic Advising Vs Psychic Readings.

Psychic Advising  enables you to make choices and decisions from a place of awareness and balance, rather than being blindly influenced by forces you do not understand, the clarity and insight  that comes from a session will help you approach your life challenges with more engagement.

Psychic Readings examines your current life situations or current reality and offers guidance going forward, immediately and into the near future regarding the different areas of your life such as Love, Finances, Career, Relationships, Etc.

The Use of Tools:

Some Psychic Readers/Advisers use energy discernment tools to help them direct their intuitive discernment. The most common energetic disernment tools are The Tarot, The Pendulum, and Palmistry.

2016 Psychic Advising/Readings Rates: (With Addam)

In Person: 30 min ($50.00) Saturday & Sundays By Appointment.

Phone Sessions: 15 min: 1-3 Topics ($25.00) | 30 min: 4-6 Topics ($45.00) | 45 min: 7-9 Topics ($65.00)

Chakra Readings: 55 min ($75.00)

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