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The ATL Spiritual Support Service Center

thIf you or someone you know is seeking Spiritual Guidance or an Intuitive Psychic reading, stop by The Atlanta Spiritual Support Service Center on Saturday April 23, from 3:00pm -7:00pm at the Little 5 Points Community Center.

The Spiritual Support Service Center features a variety of Psychic & Spiritual Support Providers who specializes in the following areas:

1. Psychic Readings/Advising: Support individuals who are mentally perplexed or spiritually lost by offering higher insight, clarity, and confirmation.

2. Energy Healing: Support individuals who are physically wounded or energetically misaligned by channeling healing energies towards the source of that person’s imbalance.

3. Spiritual Mentoring: Support individuals who are overwhelmed with the demands of life by their willingness to be an affirmative presence and when guided offer words of wisdom and understanding.

4. Relationship Mediating: Support individuals who may be seeking help with reconciling conflict with another or seeking to attract more fulfilling relationships.

5. Life & Progress Coaches: Support individuals who are feeling stuck or trapped by empowering them to take action while offering accountability.

The Use of Information Divination Tools:

Some Energy Readers use intuitive guidance tools to help them direct their intuitive discernment. The most common intuitive guidance tools are The Tarot, The Pendulum, and Palmistry.

Session rates 

Rates vary by individual provider:The Average cost will range as follows : 15 min: 1-3 Topics ($20.-$25) | 30 min: 4-6 Topics ($30-$50) | 45 min: 7-9 Topics ($40-$65)

You can Find more information at the Spiritual Support Service Center Facebook Page www.facebook.com/TheEnergyReaders


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