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Becoming Awoke; Why Its Darn Worth it.

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There is a quote that says “one spiritually awoke person is worth the whole damn bunch of others who are not”


We are not sure if that’s true in the eyes of the Creator but we certainly agree that there is great great value in being Spiritually Awoke!

Real Power  . . . . . . . 

You see people who are not awaken to their authentic self tend to be powerless and see themselves as victims, at the mercy of life.


An awake person understands, nothing “out there” has the capacity to make one happy, and love isn’t something that’s given or taken away by another, but is created from within.

It’s a Process!


The spiritually awake person isn’t interested in determining right or wrong, but instead is dedicated to resolving issues and finding out what to do about problems.

Long-term goals take precedence over short-term ones; self-discipline and mastery become trademark qualities of their core being.

Spiritual growth is definitely a process.

It takes dedication, support and patience, but yet it is the most important work you will ever need to do!

But Fear Not, The E. Collective is Here!


The Enlightened Collective Inc was established for the sole purpose of assisting people in their spiritual growth process.

Adam (Addam From Adam) Melvin, our Primary Founder and Executive Director has played a major role in shaping the Collective’s overall operating mission and vision.

His special talent in creating spaces that facilitates spiritual growth through transcendent learning, activation of gifts, and the discovery of personal purpose – make him a unique and special asset to not only the Enlightened Collective but the whole world at this time.

A Real Force With Your Support


By developing a team of financial sustainers to meet the base salary requirements to support Adam, it frees his time and energy to be more devoted to the overall leadership and mission of the Enlightened Collective and the execution of some really exciting programs and projects we are seeking to launch during the 2nd half of 2019.


Click here to see a full list of some of the major works and projects that Adam is seeking to launch and lead over the next year.


An Invitation to Release Abundance

To get him started all we need is $1,000/month, that’s about 55 or more giving a monthly gift ranging from $5, $15, $25, $55, $105  or higher.


After you have consulted with your divine guidance and if you feel led to unite with Adam, we have set up a PayPal Recurring Billing Payment that will automatically send you an invoice every month or allow you to set up an automatic payment profile.

Click Here To Start Your Giving 

Not ready to commit to a monthly giving?

Click here to make a special one-time contribution

Will you also consider asking others who you know who that also value the spiritual awakening process in the lives of others to consider joining with Adam as well?

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